Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Do we Need a Boat?

We spent most of yesterday planning how to get out of the house without getting wet, as the water was still in the barranco. In typical human nature, other people find the fact that we are behind the water to be incredibly funny, which puzzles me slightly. A lady asked me yesterday who the hell builds a finca behind a barranco, with which I answered, the Canarians, she then asked who the hell would buy it, I replied, someone who doesn't like visitors!!

Lessons learnt from the first time the car was safely on the road, but we just had to get people over to the other side. We can of course walk all the way through the fincas and pop out further down the road, but that then leaves the walk back to the car. Thankfully hubby was doing the school run in the morning, which left me safely on dry land.

Our son opted for the decision to walk all the way through the fincas and be picked up, hubby didn't fancy that and walked across the water. He choose a shallow point and like a man walking on water moved swiftly across, with the minimal of wet feet. My daughter choose the same spot, but due to the fact that she could not bear the thought of getting wet, wore wellies, and then changed on the other side!

I was happily working when I got a call from hubby that went like this:

"Quick quick come film me"
"Doing what?"
"Just come to the drive, open the gates and film"

Bloody men, so off I trudged, open the gates and waited, and was shocked when I saw my beloved car approaching around the corner, and heading in my direction. He had decided that walking was no longer an option, and he would drive up the barranco, which was still full of water and into the drive! Why do men have to be such children, and take these chances.

Triumphantly he emerged from the car, with the flippant comment of "WOW, the door seals work well" I was so not amused, and displayed this with my I am NOT amused face! I also pointed out how the hell was he going to get the car out later. Hubby turned, smiled and said "the same way I just did, but with you in the car" My I am NOT amused face turned to a you are insane face, and all I could think about was I was too young to die!

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