Thursday, 28 March 2013


Having animals you soon learn that you need to improve your tolerance, and that they will often end up where they shouldn't be, which happens a huge amount in Casa Chaos. I often find chickens by the pond, ducks in the feed room, and dogs on the furniture. However, I do draw the line at the bloody goat in my kitchen.

Last week my son was watching TV, when the typical scream of "Mummmmeeeeeeeeeee" was heard, now what could possibly have happened as he was sat on the sofa. The next part of the sentence followed "Jack is in the kitchen" At this point I thought I misheard, but no apparantly the goat had decided that my kitchen was ideal for a nose around.

My son didn't move from his cartoons and cereal  and it was left for me to decide how to remove a very heavy, stubborn goat from the kitchen. Goat wrestling is not my thing, and I would rather opt for the water option, but jack stood in-between me and the tap. Mexican stand off time, I stood in the doorway, Jack in the centre of the kitchen gazing around at what he could eat.

As I do consider myself to have more intelligence than the goat, I backed away, not to run and hide but to go to the water source in the house...the bathroom. I returned with water in a cup and stared at Jack, at this point he knew he had crossed too many boundaries, and retreated back up the mountain. Call me old fashioned but a goat in the kitchen is simply a step too far.

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