Saturday, 30 March 2013

Chicken Myths

Chickens are the strangest creatures, and not what you ever expect, and over the last year I have learnt a huge amount about their behaviour and how they think. I like many people had clear opinions of chickens, but they are not what you expect.

Chicken lovers tell you all the time that chickens are smart, however, I can clarify will complete certainty that they are in fact stupid. Like humans there are a few clever ones in the bunch, but I seem to have the dumb ones. The range of stupidity is incredible, and I seem to have my fair share of the dumbest chickens.

Chickens can't fly, or so we all think until they want something, and although their flight is not graceful, and they do not soar like eagles, they can manage 13 seconds in the air. This may not seem a huge amount, but when they want to escape, they summon all of their will power, brain power and endurance to clear the fence.

Chickens are often referred to as Mother Hens, but I have to say there are no mothering instincts in these birds at all, in fact I would say they even make me look like mother of the year. The worrying thing with chickens is that they will devour a whole tray of scrambled egg without a second glance. They also enjoy egg shells, omlettes, frittatas, french toast, fried eggs and egg shells. Yes, chickens eat their young, they are cannibals and love it.

With all this in mind, you do ask yourself why so many people choose to keep stupid, flighty cannibals!

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