Thursday, 23 October 2014

One Goat, A Monkey and an Incredibly Stupid Woman!

I got a call about a goat, now as you know I love goats, so when offered them for free I tend to forget my promise to hubby not to get anymore. So, daughter and I set off to find a man with a goat, and boy did we walk in to a crazier world than mine! Not only did he have goats, dogs, ducks, and horses, but he had a monkey!

Now at first I thought he was joking, but nope he had a monkey, as you do in your back yard with the goats. What makes me laugh is that he thought this was normal, and I am the queen of crazy, but honestly this was not normal. So there is us catching a goat, being watched by a monkey, and all the time I was thinking, there is someone crazier than me.

After much discussion about the monkey, we left with "king Julian" (you had to watch madagascar to understand) heading home we had to meet a lady that was donating some dog food, so as we sat outside the local supermarket with a goat in the boat, I could not believe that my day would get any weirder, but how stupid am I to think that for a second!

Dog food put in car, lady looked in boot, and said "oh look it is a goat"......."did you get that from the dog pound" at this point daughter and I looked at one another, looked back at the woman and simply got in the car! I did not even want to question why she would think that we had got a goat from the dog I drove, with King Julian wondering what life with a monkey would be like!

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