Sunday, 26 October 2014

An Extra Hour in Bed!

When the clocks move back, many people rejoice with shouts of yippeee an extra hour in bed, however, anyone with animals will tell you that is not the case. For me that extra hour is simply not worth the hassle, my morning will start like any other, with a mountain of cats leaping on me, and a dog nose in my face.

This morning I tried to stay in bed for that extra hour, however, nothing was going to allow me that privilege. I kept my eyes closely shut, I pretended that I was asleep even after a wet dog nose was thrust under the duvet. The eyes remaining closed seemed to work, the dog wandered off, but the cats were smarter, they seem to know that you are awake even without the eyes.

So, I am laying in bed eyes tightly shut, slowly breathing in a "I am asleep type way" and the cats circle the bed like sharks, waiting for the slightest movement. I think I have fooled them, and take a peek, there is only one cat left on the bed. I exhale quietly, and roll over onto my back. Just at the moment the cat takes the bladder leap.

If you have cats you will know exactly what I mean, they have an ability to jump on the perfect place on your bladder. This ensures that you have to go to the toilet within the next 5 minutes or you will be laying in a puddle. So, with a cat sat on my bladder a dogs nose in my ear, I decided it was far easier to simply get up. The extra hour in bed, turned into an extra hour to do stuff, welcome to winter!

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