Sunday, 19 October 2014

Earless Bunnies

I have some fantastic friends, some that advise me, others that guide me and some that well, just make  me laugh. Miss H is one of  those friends, she is always there to bring a smile, and when she commented on a photo the other day I literally Laughed out Loud!

We were given Guinea pigs, not for any reason other than an unwanted gift, so I put a photo up of the pair, and Miss H who is a little bit of a stalker on FB was there in a second. Her first comment was "Are they bunnies? where have their ears gone????" Now I learnt a long time ago, the number of question marks increases when she is stressed, and the fact that she had used four meant she was in a panic.

She then messaged me, and asked who cut the bunnies ears off, now I would love to say that she was joking, but knowing Miss H she meant every word. At this point I realised that she had no idea they were Guinea Pigs! Which I then pointed out, whilst laughing incredibly loudly.  She honestly thought they were earless bunnies!

It seems Miss H had never seen a Guinea Pig, and had presumed that someone had taken a pair of scissors to an unexpecting bunny...why would you want bunny ears? So, thank you Miss H for brightening my day, making me laugh, and yes you are special but not in a window licking sunshine bus way! The moment I have a case of earless bunnies I will let you know.....and remember we all love you!

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