Friday, 31 October 2014

The Island NEVER Changes!

A year ago we made the tough decision to leave the home we loved due to public abuse, lies and betrayal from people who I thought were friends. A lot went on after the "leaf" incident, and to this day the woman who caused the most problems continues with her lies. Claims that we nailed nails into the trees to kill them, or refused to give any leaves away in a power hungry manner, are simply not true! I do wonder if you have so little in your life that you need to lie constantly.

I could of over the last 12 months joined in the gossip and lies, however, I am a believer in karma. For all those people that lied back then, and continue to do so now, I laugh at you!. I may live in a goat shed in the middle of a field, yet I am happy, and do not need to make other peoples lives a misery for fun. I simply sit back and watch you all destroy each other.

Karma is an excellent thing, and although I am no angel I do chuckle when you all have mis fortune, death, and illness, and I am happy, healthy and content. This island is incredibly small, and the people on it are even more small.....well in their minds at least! The biggest thing that makes me laugh is rumours, why do people always love gossip, hatred, and lies. They never see the good in people, or thank people, or ant anyone to be happy and successful.

So, for the people that hate me oh well, continue reading my blog, and my FB posts to see what I am writing. Yes this blog is aimed at you, and hopefully when karma bites you on the arse, you will remember the people that you hurt on your power hungry journey. I will on the other hand sit back and laugh and thank you for making me realise who my friends truly are, and why I am on this journey!

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