Sunday, 13 October 2013

Illegal Substances!

I needed some bushes/trees to plant near the gates as one of my dogs is like an olympic athlete when it comes to leaping over the wall. We fenced in down the side, but he thinks it is totally reasonable to sprint and clear the 5ft wall. Although this is impressive, it is also annoying, as he typically does it to chase anything that moves.

So, bushy greenery was the way forward, and a trip to the garden center is always a top idea. Nope not the garden center with the animals, but the proper official one with every plant you could ever imagine. There is something about garden centers that always makes me think I am aging rapidly.

As we wandered around, I spotted the idea plants tall, bushy and attractive, as these are of course features of a dog defence bush. We went to pay and hubby begun to snigger, now this could be about anything with him, so I ignored him. This typically causes him to tell me what he is laughing about, and he did.

He claimed that my newly bought plants that I was so proud of looked very much like cannabis leaves. At this point I starred at them, and although they had a slight resemblance, they werent! The plants came home, and were left in their pots before planting for a few days.

Everyone who came, commented on the plants, not because they were left n a stupid place, but because they looked like cannabis plants. In the end I planted them, and dismissed the stupid comments. Now proudly in place, and everytime I walk past I simply think, the garden center cant  be selling cannabis plants...can they?


  1. Well, i came away quite chilled from your place, so are you sure they are not ? ;-)

    1. LOL...ssssssshhhhhh don't tell everyone ;-)