Sunday, 20 October 2013

Even the Experts get it Wrong!

The ducks that we got from the animal market have been growing and improving everyday. Their feathers are returning, and looking far better than the stumps we brought home. However, we have noticed that Mario is far bigger than Luigi and Princess peach, which can only mean one thing she is in fact a drake!

When I went to the "chicken man" for the ducks I had a long discussion about the fact that I wanted female ducks, only female ducks no oooppps drakes going in the box. Now, he assured me that they were all females, and even gave the guarantee that if they werent I could return the drakes for him to eat and he would replace them.

How can I justify returning Mario because he is male, knowing that by the end of the day he would be in someones pancake rolls. So, it seems we have yet another drake to strut around, puffing out his chest and claiming his part of Casa Chaos. Hmmm this is not what I needed, but hey what's another hormonal animal who has no purpose but to eat me out of house and home!

I was telling a friend about the lack of ability to tell the sex of a duck, and she said its simple...."pull their tail" How can pulling a ducks tail help at all I enquired, but it seems that if you pull on a ducks tail, they make different noises. I would have thought they all would have made the same "get off me you crazy person noise" but hey what do I know.

So, the next time I want ducks, I am going to stand there pulling their tails, this will either be successful, or have me sectioned once and for all!

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