Monday, 7 October 2013

What do You do With Them?

Everyone loves cute fluffy rabbits, and it is one of the first things that people ask to see when they enter Casa Chaos. Young or old, they head for bunny corner, and if you are lucky you will see baby bunnies. As people stand their with the ooooo's and ahhhhhhhh's, typically the next question out of their mouths is...What do you do with them?

Now, the moment they utter these immortal words I have two choices, lie about the bunnies destination, or tell the truth. The truth is very straightforward, but it still gets gasps of shock. I have considered telling people that I am going to make a coat out of their fur, like Cruella De Vile.

In fact this may cause less shock, however, I tell the truth, which is that we sell them, ok, so this part isn't shocking. Your average person copes with that bit of information well. In typical human nature though, they cannot just be satisfied with that answer, and head back down that rocky path.

Sell them to who? I can hear the words, and think don't go there, you will not like the answer. Anyone that will buy them I answer attempting to diffuse the bomb that is going to go off any moment. Like a thunder bolt it hits them, they suddenly realise that a proportion of the cute fluffy bunnies will end up on someone's dinner plate.

At this point I often get "The Look" the one that brandishes me a bunny killer, and eater of fluffy bunnies. For the record I do not eat rabbit, I have but not my first lunch choice. Needless to say that the conversation often takes a turn for the worse, and the bunnies are not discussed again. So, remember when you enter Casa Chaos, do not ever ask what we do with something, as you may not like the answer!

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