Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sun, Sea and Sour Faces

What is it with people that are on holiday that they appear to be miserable, rude and unaware of everyone else around them. There is an international level of manners that everyone can aspire to achieve, however, in resort here this is soon forgotten.

I found myself in resort the other day, now this doesnt happen very often, and the moment I enter I remember why I do not make that journey. No one seems to be happy, they walk around with long faces, and cannot even manage a thank you, please or excuse me.

As I attempted to get round the local shop, bread in hand, I watched the tourists shuffling around, heads down, miserable, giving the feeling they would rather not be here. This then poses the question, why are you here, as no one forced you to get on the plane.

I stood browsing the wine aisle, (I needed a drink it had been a long day) as a man approached and without a word pushed me to get to the cartons of paint stripper, oh I mean cheap wine. How was this easier than saying "excuse me" "Perdon" or even "Entschuldigen"

He didn't seem to think that his actions or rudeness mattered, and continued on with his shopping. This makes me furious as there is no excuse for bad manners, regardless of how shite your holiday has been. Maybe we should enforce punishments for rudeness! 

Reminded once again why I live where I do, and why it may be annoying that a trip to the local shop takes double the time as they want to gossip, sorry catch up on everything. I am grateful that the locals smile, acknowledge each other and generally look happy to see other people. 



  1. Couldn't agree more. Happily, here in Extremadura we're distant enough from the resorts that we only get the gossipy local experience! It's a real shock, though, when we do occasionally travel to a costa location, or worse, back to the UK.
    (However, we do quite enjoy the cheap local wine in a VBFB!)

    1. We have all experienced the cheap wine in the VBFB :)