Thursday, 24 October 2013

Crazy Animals

Well they do say that animals are like their owners, and I am beginning to realise that is very true. A few people have called me crazy, now I do not take that as an insult, in fact crazy is good. I love my crazy world, and the people who choose to join me. However, the crazy animals are a step to far, as the ducks are now refusing to eat duck food and swapping for cat biscuits.

We feed a couple of our cats in the garage, as they are outside cats, and prefer to only pop back at meal times. So there is access to the garage for the cats at all times, but the ducks love it in there. They don't go in there because it is cool, dry, or safe, but to raid the cat biscuits.

They don't just take one or two but clear everything, including the odd biscuit that may have spilled onto the floor! Now I am no expert, but I am sure that ducks are not supposed to eat tuna, and salmon flavoured cat biscuits! When you google suitable duck food, number 5 is not cat biscuits.

We have even tried closing the door, this resulted in the ducks lining up outside similar to a school dinner line waiting for the cat biscuits. So, I don't care anymore if they are partial to some cat biscuits, maybe the rabbits would like the duck food!

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