Monday, 28 October 2013

It is a Long Walk

Living where we do we need a car, its not a luxury it is a necessity. When the car breaks down, I always get this sinking feeling of, its a long walk to civilisation. I am not very lucky with cars, in the UK I had the same car for years, so I know it isnt me, maybe its the island!

The other day the car died, really died, and needed to be gruaed to the garage, unfortunately, the car decided to die on the same day as the phone signal. So, stuck in the middle of no where, with no car, no phone signal, and only the Internet to keep me sane.

We worked out there were pockets that allowed you to make a brief call, which would be fine if you didn't have to go through 35 different switch boards to get the right department. Even wandering down the middle of the road, which had worked previously, didn't give us a strong enough signal.

So, we kept trying, kept getting cut off, and eventually we got through and the grua was ordered, or was it. No body was sure, so we waited, and we waited, oh and we waited. The problem was the grua man couldn't call us to confirm, and we knew he would never find us.

After a long time, I decided we had to go and find the grua man, I knew he would be on the road somewhere. So, off we went, knowing that it is a long way back to civilisation, thankfully he was just down the road, sat next to a car similar to mine, on his phone.

As we approached we informed me that he had been trying to call me with no success. Join the queue was my response, finally my car was gruaed and on its way to the garage, where it never returned from RIP car! I have decided that donkey power, and carrier pigeons may be better for where I live!

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