Saturday, 2 November 2013

Six Eggs and a Walnut

I love Halloween, and it is one of my favourite times of year, however, as my children have grown the parties and fun seems to have stopped. Small Children love dressing up, eating far too much candy and putting their hands in goo. The last few years the kids have not even bothered with Halloween, but this year my son announced he was going to a party.

He reassured me with those words of "Don't worry, there isn't beer" Bearing in mind he is 12! I love Halloween but am not so keen on the whole trick or treat element only because I know what a group of kids can do within minutes. So, we agreed to him going to the party as long as NO tricks were performed.

Off he went, covered in food colouring, ripped tshirt, and zombie expression, although that could be considered his daily look. With stern warnings in his ears, about trick or treating, times to be home, and not ending up in a police car! a few hours later he returned, still with the zombie expression clutching a bag.

As he dumped himself on the bed, he looked sad, and I asked what was wrong, to which he replied "this was the WORST Halloween EVER".....I prompted for more information, and he reassured me it was ok, he didn't come home in a police car!

It seems that the local people were all out of candy, as he had been given six eggs and a walnut...alternative Halloween, or a cunning plan to guarantee the kids don'e return next year!


  1. Oh dear, he didnt get the point then, the eggs were for throwing at the gives houses for not suplying Candy. ;-)

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