Thursday, 7 November 2013

That Time of Year!

Every year at this time, i begin to threaten the chickens and suspect the neighbours. Why? because out of so many chickens we are getting on average five eggs a day! Which simply is not good enough, I have people moaning at me, cakes to make, scrambled egg to prepare, all with no eggs.

Now I refuse to buy supermarket eggs, so the few eggs we have become valuable. When I see the kids approaching them, I get really possessive, and tell them to step away slowly. This madness happens every year, but I don't recall it being this bad last year.

Maybe it is time for the chicken man to visit, to get the flock down to a smaller amount. Maybe they have just had enough of laying eggs, and prefer sunbathing and eating every day. Wow, wouldn't that be great if I didn't have to work, if sunbathing, and eating was all I had to do.

Hopefully egg production will pick up, or chicken pie all round in the next few weeks!

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