Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Nothing of Value!

I have a really bad habit of leaving my car unlocked everywhere I go, and before you get excited and plan to break in to it, you have no idea what car I have! also even if you do there is nothing of value in the car, in fact the car itself is worth about 1,50€ and a button!
So, when I was out  with a friend the other day I was amused that she got so stressed about the non locking the car event. As I pointed out if you were stupid enough to want my car, or brave enough to enter it, quite frankly they deserve the car.

When I explained I had nothing of value in the car, she stated I must have something in there. Silly woman didn't realise I have children, therefore, they have taken EVERYTHING of value, including my sanity. There is simply nothing left, and I certainly do not store it in the car.

What you will find in my car is dog leads, and bits of hay, a few broken pens, and some water bottles. There is always shopping bags, and usually a jumper or two, which again if you want to steal go for it! I know one mans junk is another mans treasure, but REALLY!

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