Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Its Over

That title got everyones attention didn't it, don't worry its only mango season that is over! Yippee, thank god, hallelujah and a hundred other ways that I can celebrate. We have come to the end of another long summer, where the stinky smell of hot ripe mango's fills the air, and I spend hours picking, boxing, delivering.

Thank you everyone that purchased mangos, and helped us to pay the bills for another summer. Without you all I would have a HUGE pile of gone off fruit to deal with. So, onto the winter season which for us is oranges and lemons, now these I enjoy.

The smell of oranges on the tree is amazing, and I could quite easily stand and sniff oranges for hours. Ok, with that last statement I have decided that I am now officially mad. Im off to pick the last of the mangos, box them for the lady that sniffs them, and then on to perform the happy dance!

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