Sunday, 29 September 2013

Gofio- Love it or Hate it?

Some of my neighbours are lovely, and will turn up with the strangest of gifts, which we except with huge smiles. However, when the old lady turned up with Gofio, I just prayed with every ounce of my body that she did not want me to taste it there and then.

There are two distinct delicacies here in GC that every visitor needs to experience at least once. These are potatoes and Gofio, and in the case of Gofio, once is quite enough! Strangely Gofio is similar to Marmite, you either love or hate it, and never have mixed feelings.

Gofio is something that you can use in both sweet and savoury dishes, you can add it to coffee, stew, and make deserts that allow the spoon to stand upright. The Canarians eat Gofio with everything, they spoon it into their childrens milk, and use it as a bread substitute.

However, regardless of what you do with Gofio the end result is always the same, a disgusting thick sludge that sticks to the roof of your mouth, producing a foul after taste. This milled grain is versatile, and every Canarian has been force fed it from a young age.

This is why they do not understand why foreigners cannot stand the sight, smell or taste of Gofio. I have friends that have stated they would rather eat deep fried cockroaches than experience Gofio for a second time. However, the Canarians are so proud of Gofio that in 1990 they founded the Canary Island Gofio Products Association and have fiestas in the grains honor.

There are some Canarians that can see past the traditions, and will admit that Gofio is just wrong on so many levels. Once you place the thick sludge in your mouth, you can only remove the taste by desperate tongue movements. I personally think that Gofio has the consistency and taste of wallpaper paste!

So, if you see your neighbour, regardless of how lovely they are heading towards you with Gofio, run and lock the doors. This dish is best avoided by everyone, unless you love the taste of day old coagulated, salted, wallpaper paste with a strange after taste of condensed milk.

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  1. Been a Gofio raised person by a Canarian father I can agree 100% with you. I will never forget my grandmother's Potage filled with gofio making my lunch the most horrendous meal of the day. LOL.Nice Blog.