Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Melons are a Hit!

I often read with envy all the time, effort and money that is spent by other chicken farmers on treats for their chickens. I wonder if they do this because a) they have far less chickens than me b) they have far more money than me or c) they have far more time on their hands than me!

I do try and give the chickens lettuce as often as I can mainly for my own entertainment. However, I have begun to give them melon, which they do love, and at the moment it is inexpensive. So, yesterday armed with the melon, a board, knife, and bucket, I begun to chop the melon into bite sized pieces.

As usual I can NEVER be left alone to do anything on my own, and Midget decided to watch

And then taste.....

Then invite Cleo along to help.....

Finally the chickens got their melon...

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