Monday, 23 September 2013

Duck Noises

People often think that duck's do not make noises as they tend to be far quieter than chickens. However, you will be surprised how noisy a duck can be, and if you are unsure of why, it can be daunting. As we have discovered different ducks will make different sounds, some of them amusing.

Now ducks and drakes make different noises, and some are a display of how clever they are, some noises are to show they are grateful and others are due to a strange situation. There is also the drake ego dance, which is similar to the Haka, which rugby players perform.

Drakes tend to be quieter and make a long drawn out "Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag, Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag, Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag". They make this noise if something threatens them like a speck of dust, or a leaf that may have moved. Drakes will also make this noise if they want some female attention, so mine tend to make it all day every day!

The ego boosting dance will begin with a huge amount of head bobbing, a bit like one of those car desk head bobbers. They also shuffle their feet like a penguin, and head towards the female ducks, strutting their stuff. Another sound we hear a lot is the "Qww-wee-wee" sound which is the ducks enjoying themselves, usually digging up something they shouldn't be!

The other day I was out, and hubby messaged sounding stressed which is unusual, it went like this:

Him: Are you going to be long?
Me: Nope why what have you killed?
Him: Nothing, but the ducks are making  a racket and I don't know why!
Me: They are probably laughing
Him: At what?...and ducks don't laugh!
Me:You, probably as you are standing there like an idiot watching the ducks make a noise!

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