Monday, 2 September 2013

Mango Chutney

There seems to be far more mango's this year, or I am just not keeping on top of the picking, boxing, delivering process, either way everyone is sick of them, including the chickens. They have this look of please no more sickly, smelly mangos...oh no that is me!

Mango's are brilliant for making different things, including a mess, however, they are the core ingredient for mango chutney. I attempt to have the time to make this delicious chutney, and when it is finished it is eaten with enthusiasm. However, like everything here in Casa Chaos it is having the time.

As the lemons are now fast approaching ripeness, the reality that if I do not get the chutneys made, lemon curd season will be upon me, and that is whole new nightmare. So, new jars bought, mangos ripe, I am off to spend the next two days making chutneys!

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