Wednesday, 11 September 2013

No, I Cannot Just Find Some More Fruit

I do worry about people on this island, and haw uneducated they are as yet again stupidity reigns! One of my avocado trees was ready last week with monster avocados, which meant I could sell them. So, I posted that we had them, response was brilliant, orders came in, I was delighted.

Off we went to pick them, and although I had a bounty of avocados, not enough to fulfill al the orders. Therefore, some people missed out, but when the next tress are ready, I will of course ensure that they are top of the list. This seemed fair, some people were fine about it. However, you always get one or two that do not understand I am not the Spar!

I messaged a lady explaining, only one tree was ready, and that she would need to wait. Her answer was..."Well thats not good enough, can you not go and find some more?" I did enquire where she would like me to "just find some more" and explained that I have trees, they have fruit, when it is there, I have fruit, when it is not I don't.

Even my kids get this concept, but no not this fraggle, she was insistent that I had more, therefore, she wanted them. After a short heated conversation, I advised that she may be better shopping in the local Spar from now on, where they can restock the shelves the minute, they are empty. I however, have to wait for nature to decide when she wants to replenish stocks!

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