Sunday, 22 September 2013

Franco Update....

Every day I have an update on Franco which is very sweet, I had many photos of the building of the bunny apartment which I must say is luxury! Franco is the only bunny I know that has pictures drawn on his apartment wall, and his very own bunny light.

Yes, I did say bunny seems that Franco needs his own special night light, and what better style than in the shape of a bunny. Now I questioned this fact when I was told, however, the photos soon followed, and yes the light is in fact a bunny.

This is why I have crazy friends, as they are not only amazing, but they brighten my day...and Franco's so it seems! 

Before, you ask, yes that is a hand drawn poster of Peppa Pig in the back ground, ok, you may not ask or care, but I did! I am so glad that Franco is so spoilt and happy, as happy bunnies make happy children, which make happy mums!

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