Saturday, 7 September 2013

Home Inspection!

I often get calls and messages asking to take random animals, which is fine I have the choice to say No, unfortunately, the brain says no and the mouth heads straight for a yes! The other day whilst driving home, a friend messaged and asked " Want a duck?" thankfully I did read it right, as the immediate response was " go on then"

So, it seems that a friend of a friend had decided to buy a duckling, cute, fluffy little duckling, that was now a monster duck living in her shower, and s**ting everywhere! I agreed to take the duck, and was given the duck ladies number to call and discuss duck arrangements.

After a long conversation where I had to explain where we lived that they live outside, yes we have a pond, no we don't eat the ducks blah blah blah, by the end I felt like saying to her, "For god's sake, anything would be better than your shower your crazy lady" but I didn't (how good am I)

The final sentence was the nail in the coffin for taking the duck, when she stated that she would need to carry out  an inspection. Not even popping by for a chat, dropping off the duck, giving all the excuses why she had the duck. But a full inspection of land, pond, duck house and other ducks, to see if we were suitable to rehome her duck.

As you can imagine I told her to duck off, and go and find someone else to rehome her duck, what is up with these people!

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  1. ha ha ha that is hilarious! I have one who comes to inspect the house after I rehomed the rooster. Loco s everyehere it seems!