Sunday, 15 September 2013

Child's Logic!

Alongside my mechanic I also love my builder/handyman/friend/ Mr C who loves to come to Casa Chaos to drink my beer, mend numerous things, and generally wind me up! Now, Mr C has an amazing wife Mrs V and three fab children, Master C, Master JL and little Miss S. 

I don't typically like children running around, but these three are funny, when they aren't filling my fountains up with mud, or throwing cat biscuits in water bowls...So, when Little master C was starring lovingly at the baby bunnies one day, I of course offered them one. 

The white, fluffy bundle of bunny was chosen, and every time they came to visit, Master C would run over to admire his new pet. The day finally arrived for them to take their new family member home, and Master C came bounding up the drive in excitement of taking bunny home. 

When he reached the cage, I asked what he was going to call his new bunny, and proudly he declared Franco! This of course made me chuckle, and I checked that he did mean Franco....and yes Master C was adamant, Franco was his new bunny. 

Now in any other country this may not have been so amusing, however, naming a baby bunny after a ruthless Spanish Prime Minister, proved that either Master C was highly intelligent, and had an amazing knowledge of Spanish history or he in fact meant to call it Blanco.....hmmmmmm

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