Saturday, 31 August 2013

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

The other day the school bus stopped for ages outside the house, which was strange but here it could be due to numerous reasons. However, it seemed that one of our chickens decided that standing in front of the bus, in some form of Mexican stand off was intelligent.

Thankfully it must have been a nice bus driver that day as the chicken didn't become road kill. I thought no more of that day until I drove home  yesterday to find a chicken stood in the road. It wasn't going forward, or back to where it came, but simply stood looking up and down the road.

Now our road is dangerous, and at this moment I just imagined a squashed chicken. However, it calmly crossed the road, stopped all the traffic without a care in the world. I found myself sat in the car, chuckling and wondering......"why did the chicken cross the road?"

This it seems is one of life's mysteries!

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