Monday, 12 August 2013

Mangos Mangos

Did I mention that we are in the middle of mango season? oh and the heat has soared over the weekend, making the whole process of picking mangos hell?

Mangos, those lovely juicy fruit that are enjoyed by millions, have incredible health benefits, oh and stink when left on the orchard floor in 50c heat! The orchards smell like one giant sugar pot, sickly, and overwhelming.

But hey why am I complaining, mangos make money, and help to pay the bills, people seem to love the mangos, so wouldn't want to upset my adoring fans! So, the blog is short today, why you ask....because I have to pick mangos of course...roll on September when the temperature drops, mangos stop and the kids go back to school, ooo September has just become my favourite month!

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