Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Finally it Came

It has been incredibly hot here, with sand storms, hot winds, and a few fires, which is all typical for summer. Again yesterday it was really hot, too the point of unbearable. However, this is summer, and this is what we get every year, so roll on winter.

Then out of no where came reports of rain, FB lit up with friends all over the island claiming it was raining. I ran from the office in glee, to discover no rain, not even a drop! More excited status updates, and still no rain, oh come on I need rain more than you guys, but nada!

Then my phone begun to beep with updates of rain, the quantity, the freshness, the coldness, but still nothing! I was not happy, I got bored of posting on FB rude messages to friends informing them that there was in fact still NO rain here.

Had I upset god, was the rain being diverted and missing me completely, regardless of why, I still had no rain. Feeling unloved, and completely dry I went to bed to sulk, to be woken by a small noise. That noise begun to get louder, and finally the moment I had been waiting for RAIN!!!

Now rain in august is unusual, but god it was good, it dropped the temperature, made everything appear alive, and was a pleasant change. I went back to bed happy, and safe in the knowledge that I was not the odd one out, I also had rain. hmmm should I log in and post on FB, nope this was my rain and no one else was allowed to play!

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