Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lenny the Lizard

We have lizards everywhere, often they are brought into the house by the cats, some survive, and some become dinner. I have had a lizard on my office way of months, he is a small, unoffensive thing that runs around the walls. Lenny as he has been christened is in desperate need of sunlight, as he is now more of an albino lizard, but he is still happy.

Unfortunately, Lenny ventured into my sons room, and some how ended up on his head. This was not the brightest move, as my son freaked out and wanted Lenny evicted from the house. I ignored the pleas for some time, however, the other night dressed in full combat gear, and a helmet operation remove Lenny began.

Now my son may have wanted Lenny out, but he had no intention of doing it himself, he pleaded with me, however, I was enjoying a rare 10 minutes with my nose in a book. Therefore, I wasn't moving for anything, so off he went in search of his sister.

He found her just about to get in the shower, so she appeared in a towel, asking what I wanted. This is the typical way for either child to get the other to move, by claiming I want/need them. I explained I didn't want her, but her brother wanted her to remove Lenny.

This then led to 30 minutes of arguing and chasing Lenny around the room, finally he was caught and released into the wild. A happy ending I hear you cry, my son was happy, Lenny was outside, the cats had new lunch to chase, well until the next night when Lenny was back on the office wall!

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  1. We have dozens of them running around the house - keep the bug-life under control :-)