Saturday, 3 August 2013


Yes I love making marmalade, but this blog post isn't food related, in fact it isn't directly Casa Chaos related! As some of you know, and for those that do't shame on you! I volunteer for the local animal charity, when I say volunteer I mean give my heart, home and sanity to attempting to change things on this small rock!

I am usually involved with the dog side of things, but occasionally I step into the feline side. Yesterday my daughter received a call from a friend of hers, stating there was an injured cat in his village, it is incredibly unusual for Canarian children to care, let alone reach out for help, so I said I would go and get the cat.

I always think that I can't be shocked any more, however, the level of cruelty on this island never ceases to amaze. What I found was a starving, affectionate cat that had been used as a football. Her head was cut and bleeding, her ears so badly infected that there were no longer ears.

The vets have predicted that she is an old lady, over 10 years old, which makes it even worse that she was once part of someone's home. This poor old cat had become yet another statistic of animals being thrown away when they are old. Numerous tests were given, and she was given the all clear for serious injuries.

The reason I am blogging about Marmalade as she is now known is to appeal for help, yes I have my begging bowl out! TARA is a non funded charity, and they rely on donations to save animals such as Marmalade! Any donations to pay for the vets bill would be appreciated even 1€....paypal:
read Marmalades story here


  1. Please can you put the deposit i left you for Gypsie towards the vet bill for Marmalade and i will pay you full for Gypsie when i bring her.
    I am no longer suprised what the people are capable off having seen so much suffering. :-( I hope she recovers and gets the loving home she deserves.

  2. Thank you so much, Marmalade says MEOW <3