Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bunnies are like Buses!

We haven't had baby bunnies for a while, until the not so virgin rabbit gave birth the other day. However, now it seems everyone is going to give birth, as Nicole decided to drop a load yesterday. We had our suspicions but you can never tell here in Casa Chaos.

Nicole had been getting out all the time recently, I originally thought she was jumping over the fence, but in fact she is climbing. Nicole has mastered a fantastic climbing ability, similar to spiderman. Therefore, no fence was keeping her in, and there had been reports of her up on the road, in the barrnaco, in the drive, and even in the goat pen.

However, we did manage to construct a super fence that was spiderman proof, and for the last few days she has gone no where. This it seems resulted in the onset of labour, and we now have  five wriggly jellybeans! I had forgotten how ugly newborn rabbits were, and as father is unknown we will need to wait and see what colour they are this time.

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