Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Animal Sexing!

I give up with sexing animals, as I seem to be the worst in the world at this task. I now have so many animals with complexes, due to having the wrong name. Not only do we have ducks that are called strange female names when they are in fact males, but the kittens are the same.

When the mechanic arrived with the box of kittens, all those weeks ago, I expertly sexed them. I came to the conclusion that we had two boys and a girl. Names were chosen, and one of the boys was called Sebastian, although we do call him Sebby.

Thank god we do, as when playing on my lap the other day, having his tummy rubbed as you do, I noticed that Sebby, was missing something vital that would make him a boy. Oh s**t not again, how do I get it wrong so many times! So, our little Sebby is now Sabrina, thankfully he/she knows no different!

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