Tuesday, 9 July 2013

DIY Flycatchers

Flies they have always been an issue in GC, even before we moved to Casa Chaos. They are othing like English flies that hover around the lightbulb in the middle of the room. These are dive bombing flies that head for your ears, and eyes, and are generally a giant pain in the arse.

I have spent years trying different ideas, and to be honest very few work, however, someone told me about the wine bottle one, which peaked my interest. Firstly because it involved drinking most of the wine, which is always a good idea! Secondly because it involved mango's which I have plenty of here!

Any old wine will do, but as I had to drink 3/4 bottle I thought it better be wine that I liked. SO, after a few glasses at the end of a long day, I saved the remaining few inches for operation kill fly. All I had to do was peel some mangos, drop the peel into the bottle and voile one fly catcher.

The concept is that the smell of the fermenting fruit attracts the flies, they fly into the bottle and are either too drunk or too stupid to fly out! The problem is that I need more than one fly catcher, so I think a heavy drinking session is needed. Why am I thinking that is a problem!

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