Monday, 22 July 2013

I am Going to Kill Them!

There are several things that I love about living in GC, however, there are also many things that I hate. School holidays is one that is top of my list as the kids have 81 yes 81 days off. This number is stupid, and the person who decided this obviously has no children.

We now have 50 days left to go, and I am at breaking point, no amount of coffee or breathing is going to get me through the next 50 days. At day 20 a friend advised that I locked away the gun, and all sharp objects. I laughed at this suggestion, but 31 days into my sentence I can see she was a wise lady.

The problem is with the holidays is the kids are bored, and when they are bored they want to annoy everyone, everything and each other. This also includes me, so there is a lot of shouting, tension, and basically the holidays are hell. I have a friend Miss S who is insane, as she loves the holidays, has all these things planned, and hates it when the kids go back to school.

Maybe I am a bad mother, or I just love routine, either way the next 50 days are going to be tough. I need to continue to step away from the sharp objects, and continue the deep breathing! 50 days is not long.....YEAH RIGHT its an eternity!

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