Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Well She Wasn't a Virgin!

When you agree to take other people's animals, you can never tell what surprises they may give you. So, how shocked was I when I discovered that my sweet, innocent new female rabbit had given birth to bunnies. Ok, this was the end result I wanted, however, she was obviously pregnant when she arrived as the timeline doesn't fit.

Blatantly Rosie was not a virgin, and she has had some fun before arriving at Casa Chaos. Oh well, baby bunnies it is then, there are three of them, and lets see what happens. At the moment she is showing very little interest in the small, ugly, wriggling babies.

On the note of rabbits, if you are passing Casa Chaos and you see a strange looking rabbit running around, tell it to come home. Nicole has decided that life outside bunny corner is far more interesting! She returns every day for food, so very similar to a child really!

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