Saturday, 13 July 2013

Don't Mess with the Goat!

Since Rico departed the goats have been far calmer, and Jack has even attempted friendly. However, he showed yesterday that he is a powerful animal, and friendly is not in his nature. Mornings are always manic here, as everything wants food NOW. There are animals that will wait patiently, and others that simply will not, the goats are in this list.

As I went down jack was out, and had a pissed off look on his face, I was late feeding him and he was going to make sure I knew. Being half asleep and with no coffee running through my veins, Jack caught me off guard. He hooked his horn around my leg and attempted to push me back down the stairs.

I must admit I don't cry often but the shock combined with the pain was intense, and just as he had backed off, he came again. There was no mistaking that Jack was pissed off, and he wanted to let me know. As he flung me down the stairs I retreated and admitted that he was far tougher than me.

The problem with all animals is that we forget they are animals, and not just our pets which make them unpredictable, and at times dangerous. So, nursing my injuries, I am avoiding the goats for a while, and remembering that an animal that size will always win.

Excuse my white leg, no time for sunbathing...


  1. Ouch! Bad Jack! - I hope you heal soon x

  2. ui that looks nasty. Hope you recover from your shock quickly. I can imagine how upsetting something like this is. There you are tending to the animals (after all they are reliant on you) and the ungratefull beast has nothing better to do than throw you down the stairs. Does he not realise he could have been barbaqued goat by now? He should be licking your feet daily in recognision of your efforts. ;-)

  3. Oh Lou, I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate encounter with Jack. I must admit I did not realize that goats would come back for a second go - nasty. Please be careful,we want you in full party mode when we come out next April/May. Love Mxxx

  4. Awww thank you guys :) Im ok Mango picking must go on :)