Saturday, 10 August 2013

I didn't Lose any Children

I must be mellowing with age or I got caught in a weak moment the other day, but I agreed to a group of children visiting Casa Chaos. As I object to adults visiting, this decision surprised friends, but it was for a good reason. A friend has a nursery and she needed places to take the children that were free, entertaining, and would hopefully teach the children something.

So, in her wisdom she choose Casa Chaos as one of the field trips. At first I was really nervous to think there was going to be six little people running around, however, they were very well behaved. We fed and stroked bunnies, chucked corn at chickens, oooooeeeddddd and arrrreeeddddd at chicks, collected eggs and picked mangos.

All in all a successful few hours, I love the innocence of small children, the fact that they see the magic in picking fruit from the trees, and want to explore everything. Although they were very good, we are not having a petting zoo EVER!


  1. Nice! Free child labour for picking the mangos - you should have started doing it earlier! :-)

  2. Pah the only thing that is broody here is the chickens, And I know Sue why did I not think of this before now!