Thursday, 8 August 2013


After yesterdays Blog I expected some comments, some support, even some questions, however, the gossiping really got to me. Why do some people love stirring things up, they seem to thrive on the pain and emotions of other people. I often wonder if it is because they have nothing in their own sad lives, or whether they are just old, twisted women.

Apparently, as I choose to Blog, this entitles people to make hurtful comments and basically take the piss. I Blog because I enjoy it, and I believe that other people do to. However, there are days like yesterday when I wonder why I allow these nasty people into my world.

To some they were just goats, but to us they were part of Casa Chaos, I have gone through so many emotions over being forced for them to leave. However, for the gossipy lady that loved telling people I "brought it on myself" lets hope you are never forced to have to make tough decisions over your animals.

Hopefully this will stop you gossiping about me, making jokes, and generally thinking the whole thing is so funny. Next time I will name you on here, as this island is so small and you need to remember that the people you are gossiping to repeat everything you say!



  1. 1 - Don't listen to gossips!
    Why let something that some small-minded idiot whose life is so incomplete that they have to find fault with everyone else's lives get to you? I know it's easier said than done - people can be so cruel - rise above it. You are the better person and should treat their lame attempts at bringing you down with the contempt that they deserve.
    Chin up, Girl! xx

  2. OMG. How sad can you get to blame you for the idiot neighbours you have. This Person must have a very boring life if she has to stoop this low. Best to ignore as that is the thing people like her can abide the least.
    The ones who know you apreciate, love and like you and those are the ones that matter. xx