Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mango Season is Fast Approaching

Yes, it is that fateful time of year when we spend hours in the orchards picking mango's and regretting every moving into Casa Chaos. The mango's appear to be growing slower than last year, but they are beginning to fill the trees, which can only mean one thing, Mango season is nearly here.

It is lovely to receive so many messages asking when the mango's are ready, and every time I post a photo of a mango, it sets people into mango frenzy. However, I need to apologise to the woman the other day that received the short and to be honest rude reply about the mango's.

I know you all love the mango's, but honestly I am not hoarding them for myself, as she accused me of doing. If you know me at all, you will know I don't even like mango's. So, when this lady sent me 15 messages in one day about the mangos, asking, questioning and doubting.

I did inform her that I was hoarding them, I didn't want to sell them and I was going to eat them until I was sick! At this point she called me selfish and that was the last correspondence from her thank god. Honestly guys when they are ready you will be able to buy them until every last tree is bare!


  1. I can just see it, you bloated with blotchy red itching skin, and all because you dont want to share your mangos. ;-)
    Do people realy believe what they say? Sometimes i wonder if the sun frazzles away the few braincells some are born with. We all know that the shortage of rain this year is making grow anything very difficult.
    Keep up the good work and im looking forward to the Mangos when they are ready. :-)

  2. You are of course on my must notify immediately list ;-)

  3. Aww thank you, much apreciatet. :-)