Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Alternative to Coffee

I drink a lot of coffee, which I have no issue with, but other people it seems have, as they are always questioning my daily intake, and stating that maybe I should cut back. The thing is why, I like coffee, I drink it all day everyday, and trust me you do not want to encounter me without coffee seeping through my system.

I was emailed a link for alternative coffee recipes, and before hitting the delete button I thought I would take a look. Not because I had any intention of drinking an alternative, but for research purposes. There were some ridiculous recipes, including Dandelion Coffee.

Now to be honest I have never seen a dandelion here, and if I did I would use them to wishes and release fairies, not to drink and pretend it was coffee. How can anyone make a pot of these presumably green sludge and claim that it is an alternative to coffee.

That would be like eating an apple, and claiming it was an alternative to a chocolate eclair! Anyway for anyone that wants to try the "alternative" here is the recipe, enjoy and please let me know what it is like...


  1. And wee all the day. Dandelions are a wonderful weed.

  2. I'll pass, if you don't mind - coffee - strong - all day for me :-)