Saturday, 1 June 2013

Never Name Food!

When I announced yesterday that we had named the goats, a friend couldn't believe it and he said "Never name food" this made me laugh, as the same thing was said about Peppa. We were told all the way along that if we named her, we would never eat her, hmmm look how that turned out.

The debate still continues, whether we will keep the goats or Cafe and Leche as they are called. Will I personally eat them, no, but I think the sensible plan has to be to sell them. So, why name them, this is actually to make things easier for everyone here.

When you have more than one animal that is the same having a conversation about them can be difficult. If I need something done it is far easier to refer to the animal by name, rather than in the collective term. Besides everything has a name, even some of the demented chickens have names.

So, yes I named food, but hey why not, ,we are crazy after all, and BBQ goat is nice. So for the moment Cafe and Leche are enjoying their time being out with Jack, Jill and Rico. Doing what goats do, eat, poop,sleep, eat, poop , sleep.


  1. I have always named my animals, pets or food. Of course food's names tend to run along the lines of Quarter Pounder, T-Bone, Well-Done.

    It does make it easier for others to understand which critter you're referring to.

  2. LOL well true I avoided stew and casserole