Friday, 31 May 2013

Family event!

I wanted a fence fixed, not a difficult task, but as usual it turned into a family event. I have noticed lately that everywhere I go I am shadowed by four legged animals. Even in the bathroom, one will appear staring at me in that way that a toddler does, when they want to ensure you are going to get no peace!

I mentioned to hubby that a fence needing fixing, off he went to complete the task followed by one of the dogs. I went to help, so followed two other dogs, and a cat. Shortly after this my daughter appeared to offer assistance, well to stand around pretending to help.

During the fence building activity I soon noticed that there was three humans, three dogs, two cats, three kittens, a duck, a chicken and a rooster all being part of this activity. When did we need this much attention, in fact, I then noticed that the neighbour across the way was also watching!

FFS, if everything and everyone that was getting in the way, watching and generally not being much help, did in fact help the task would be done far quicker! I love all the animals but there does come a point where my own personal space would be nice.

So, new rule unless you have a purpose to be there, or you can hold a hammer and use it effectively, will you please go somewhere else!

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