Sunday, 5 May 2013

Knight in Shining Armour

There are very few people that I call in a crisis, who I know will calm me, offer support and solve the problem. There are in fact two people that I have on speed dial for those occasions when I think "oh shit" The first is my husband, that goes without saying as even if he can do nothing he waits whilst I scream at him until I feel better. The other is my mechanic, this may seem strange to some but he is my knight in shining armour.

I love my car, but it is old, therefore, it breaks often, and typically in the worst places ever, now I know a lot about cars but when I need them fixed I call mechanic S. Yesterday I had a normal busy day, loads to do, not enough hours in the day. So, as I joined the motorway, and felt that awful feeling of a flat tire, I knew my day was about to get worse.

I pulled over, inspected the damage, and yes I had a flat, so out comes the BB, and dials hubby who can do nothing but listen to me rant, moan and complain. As I hang up, I am already dialling S, and begin the sentence with "help" now this is not the first time S has had one of these calls, but that is for another blog.

I explain I have a flat tire, where I am parked, and within 15 minutes S arrives like a knight in shining armour, all be it in shorts and on a motorbike! Now I am no girly girl, but in all honestly I have NEVER changed a tire in my life, and I wasn't going to begin now. My excuse is that my car is heavy  very unlikely I am going to be able to undo the nuts, and lastly...WHY would I need to when I have S on speed dial.

I am grateful for people like S, and as I say this is not the first time I have needed his services. After just 10 minutes, some idol chatter and a minimal payment, well worth me not needing to get my hands dirty I was on my way. I thanked him, and he smiled and said "its fine one day I will need your help" This comment made me laugh why on earth would he need my help.

However, I always knew that expecting him to drop everything and rescue me whenever I call was always going to come back and bite me on the arse.  So, late last night when I saw him pull up outside, I was curious as to what he wanted, and when he stepped out of the car and said I need your help I begun to worry.

He emerged from the boot of his car with a box, and in the box....three kittens, which he had found in the wheel arch of a car he was working on. Where else would he take them, but to the crazy lady who calls him early on a Saturday morning to rescue her....

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