Sunday, 26 May 2013

Goat Hospital

Some people make me smile, and others make me cringe, however, the innocence of others makes me wonder. Whilst having a conversation about Jill having her babies, a lady enquired where the goat hospital was on the island. This question stopped me in my path, and made me wonder what the hell she was talking about.

It seems that she was under the impression that we would take Jill, in the car to some form of hospital, where she would have her babies. Every part of this bizarre scene then played out in my mind, as I imagined Jill on a hospital bed, gas and air in hoof, surrounded by midwife's and doctors.

I very slowly explained that Jill would be having her babies in her pen, surrounded by trees, straw and no expert team of physicians. The lady then looked at me like I was mad, for not considering the use of the goat hospital.

I am always fascinated to hear what people have to say, and it continues to amuse me that people simply have no idea what actually happens with animals. I am sure there is some conspiracy to send all of these people to me, ensuring that I go completely mad!

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