Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Why Do We Have Goats Again?

Goats are one of those creatures that you have big plans with to milk and make cheese was my intention, but to be honest they have become more like pets. I actually didn't realise that there are several different varieties of goat, and it seems we have the high fat, eat everything in their path goats.

That is not to say that my goats don't have a purpose as they are fantastic at destroying fences, escaping, eating the plants on my drive, and making loud human screeching noises if you do not feed them quick enough. They have an amazing ability to find everything they shouldn't to eat, and walk past the nicely prepared hay that is intended for them to eat.

Every feeder we give the goats they destroy, and often they seem to want to destroy things for fun, Jack will spend hours attempting to rip the door off the hinges. Having said all of that they are fun to watch, and do have their own personalities. As it seems goats live for up to 12 years, we are stuck with them for the foreseeable future.

Whilst Googling random goat facts the other day, it seems that goats can in fact have up to 6 kids, rare but true and I am beginning to think that Jill may be a rare case as she is HUGE. Did you also know that China has over 150 million goats, WOW that is what you call a herd! But not to bore you with mundane goat facts, they are considered to be far more useful than any other animal to have on a farm, so I made a good decision with the goats.

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