Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Head or Heart

When I begun this journey I had no clear idea of what animals I wanted, or how we were going to feed what we had. I was so filled with enthusiasm that I would have taken anything and everything just to fill the place. However, the practical side has kicked in a few times, and I have said NO!

I was always adamant that everything had to have a purpose, make either money or food. However, my ice heart appears to be melting as slowly animals are staying here in Casa Chaos. Therefore, the debate about the baby goats (still unnamed) begins.

A friend of mine believes the moment you name an animal it becomes yours, which is why goat 1 and goat 2 are just that for the moment, although a suggestion of Mork and Mindy did make me chuckle! I have to decide whether I want to go bankrupt being kind, or sell the babies, which was always the intention.

I love all animals, but there has to be a line where we can afford to care and feed what we have here. There is no unlimited supply of money, therefore, practicalities must be considered. The biggest problem is they are just so cute, but this does not pay for their feed!

So, for the moment I will keep admiring the babies, deciding on names, and thinking about the financial implications of having two more goats, hmmm did I get wiser, or did my heart begin to melt that is the question.

1 comment:

  1. You are wise AND your heart is melting, but there will be other babies, and you are a farmer. Make the decision that is best for your farm.


    Lady who still has a chicken that doesn't lay anymore and just can't let her go.