Thursday, 23 May 2013

Finally the Day Arrived....

Wednesday started like any other day, everything was going about its normal daily activities of eating, sleeping, and some more eating. Then over the peace and quiet like an air raid siren I could hear my daughters voice "Jill's giving birth, Jills giving birth, Jills giving birth" It was like rapid machine gun fire.

As I went to investigate, all I could think was oh hell, I should have been better prepared, and please let them be alive. As we approached Jill there was no doubt that something hanging out of her, and I knew we had to separate her from Jack. Jill was extremely calm, in fact, I wish I had been as calm as her when I went into labour.

My next shout of bring me some towels, made me realise that this was really happening, and hopefully it wouldn't be a lengthy labour. The next hour passed quickly as Jill, calmly and with ease gave birth to two cute kids.

My son's running commentary kept us amused and he was most concerned that the baby goat was in a plastic bag when it was born. We pointed out that wasn't a bag, and that it was fine. In all fairness to Jill I did very little, I was there to clean off the babies, and unblocked their airways, but apart from that Jill did the rest.

Once all gunk had been licked off, Jill decided that eating the umbilical cords and the placenta was the next plan of action. Whilst rapidly Googling to check Jill hadn't turned into a cannibal and that she wasn't going to eat the babies next, I discovered this was perfectly normal...Phew!

So, Casa Chaos is now the proud owners of two un-named kids, Rosie and Jim has been suggested, not happening! Now do we eat or keep, eat or keep, decisions, decisions....

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