Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Collecting Poop!

Cleaning the rabbits out is my sons job, and although he grumbles about the job, it is one of the easier ones to complete. The process is straightforward, sweep all poop into bucket, put in compost heap. However, I wandered past the other day to find him attempting to put the rabbit poop in bag.

I asked why on earth he was spending ages trying to put the poop in  bag and not just straight in the bucket. Asking my children any question can often result in the strangest of answers, so I braced myself for the answer. "Daddy told me to" was the answer.

This confused me even more, as why on earth would hubby ask him to bag rabbit poop! I asked why Daddy had told him to, with which he gave a shrug of the shoulders, and a "Idunno" So, off in search of hubby I went, to discover why our son was bagging rabbit poop.

On finding hubby, I asked why he was asking our son to bag rabbit poop, with which he answered that he wanted it to take to work. This concerned me even more, and I had horrible images of what on earth he was intending to do with bags of rabbit poop.

However, it seems the chef wanted the poop, thankfully not for the food, but for fertiliser. It seems that rabbit poop is the best thing to place around herbs, and who else would he ask for bags of poop, but the resident of Casa Chaos.

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