Monday, 6 May 2013

Its not all Corn and Lettuce

People think that chickens are vegetarians, however, I can confirm that they are far from it, and love to eat anything including meat. These savage creatures love meat, not only cooked meat but often raw meat such as dead animals. They are not far from cannibals to be honest, and I have seen them happily eating on dead chicks,  or rats that are discovered.

You will not believe the speed that chickens move when they see meat in the orchard.  If something happens to die, they race over, knife and fork in each wing, with a napkin tied around their neck in preparation for their feast. You would think they were entrants in the Olympics the speed they run, and chickens are not known for their ability to move fast.

I have heard that in slaughter houses the chickens will gather and circle the men killing the other chickens in the hope of getting some "bits". This is all rather gross, and it does make you wonder what they would do if you ever died in the orchard. The next horror movie in the making "Revenge of the Killer Chickens"   just think how many parts there could be before people tire of the storyline.

As regards to what we feed ours, yes they get bones, meat and if we have a BBQ people take great delight in throwing rib bones to the chickens to see what happens! This is another reason not to visit un announced as I have the perfect way to dispose of your body!

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