Monday, 13 May 2013

Yes Eggs Really Do Come Out of There....

Selling eggs has become a huge part of my week, and thankfully they are now laying enough to cover their own food and a small profit. However, this involves me having to interact with the general public, which never goes too well. People who want free range eggs, seem to love the concept of them being free range without realising where they come from.

Of, course they come from a chicken, but then it seems to dawn on them that the area of the chicken that they appear from is their bums! Many people sheepishly ask me if their eggs do in fact come from the chickens bum, and for all of you here is a quick biology lesson. if you are easily grossed out, or bore rapidly, keep moving....

If you are still reading then you are obviously curious, or have nothing better to do with your time, so let me begin. Chicken anatomy is very different to a human, and I am hoping that you know that you have different apertures for different tasks, if not please go seek help! Well chickens don't have this luxury, in a very basic way of putting it, they have one hole!

This hole is called a "vent" and everything that you can imagine happens in this area, so, its rather busy! However, chickens don't pee, so that's one less thing to worry about, but yes everything else occurs around the vent. The good news for all you egg lovers is there is a "valve" which separates the areas, so most of the time the chicken produces a clean egg!

Chickens are dirty and poo everywhere, so the fact that 90% of the eggs are clean is a miracle. When you buy battery and farmed eggs from the supermarket they have been washed and cleaned to ensure that not a speck of poo is near them, but in reality due to the nature of where those birds are kept, they would be covered in stinking chicken poo!

Sorry for the morning biology lesson, and too be honest if this sort of thing is too much for you, please never visit a farm of any description, as they are gross! You need to accept that your eggs that you are dipping your soldiers into this morning, came out of a chickens bun!

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